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Our Company

Established in December 1978 by Carol Simone, Natural Marketplace has since provided a wide array of products and supplements to help people live healthier lifestyles before it became a trend. Both Carol's parents and children worked in the store to support and carry on her legacy.

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Fulfilling a Dream
As a result of three hyperactive children and also one with a severe vision problem, Carol, who holds Masters in Human Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport, helped start the Feingold Association in her area. Dr. Feingold, the founder of the Feingold Diet, believed that salicylates, artificial colors, and artificial flavors were linked to hyperactivity. His beliefs helped thousands of hyperactive children. Carol had the honor of working with him personally, and his insight gave her the courage to fulfill her dream.
Trying to keep a diet with no sugar and no artificial coloring was a full-time job. She soon realized that not all health food stores are created equal. According to Carol, she could go for weeks without a problem and then, because of not checking ingredients properly, would have a bad reaction, and would have to start the diet all over again.

Natural Marketplace Was Born
She began to dream of owning a store where parents of hyperactive children could shop, assured that they could buy quality products and supplements, free of sugar and artificial colors and flavors. This is how Natural Marketplace was born. Natural means different things to different store owners.

Over the years, we have remained committed to clean products, and quality supplements. We are proud to say that our standards are the same as when we started.
Michael, Carol's partner, has a vision handicap. Carol's hard work and perseverance towards a good diet and lifestyle has made him interested enough to pursue this field. He holds a Master's Degree in human nutrition, and although he now has his own practice, he still helps out at the store when he can, especially helping people select vitamins and herbs.

As the quest for "anti-aging" techniques continues to intensify and grow, we at Natural Marketplace were blessed with service of two shining examples, Millie and Louie.  Carol's parents certainly demonstrated what hard work and good living could provide. Both worked in the store into their 90's, in fact, Millie completed 30 years behind the counter.  As we forge ahead without them, we continue to be  motivated by their dedication and fortitude.

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